Fox News contributor Tom Homan said Sunday on Fox & Friends that his faith is dwindling when it comes to the possibility of passing border wall funding after November's midterm elections.

A bill introduced last week by House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) would completely fund the wall along the country's southern border in an effort to curb the influx of illegal immigrants.

Dubbed the "Build the Wall, Enforce the Law Act," McCarthy's bill would direct about $23.4 billion toward building the wall, a signature issue for the president.

Trump said last week during an interview on Fox & Friends that he's "not happy" with the pace of progress on the border wall, vowing that something "very strong" will happen after the midterm elections.

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Congress has already funneled $1.6 billion to construction as part of the omnibus spending bill for the 2018 fiscal year.

Homan, the former acting director for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said on Sunday that a border wall has proven to be effective where it's built, and that he hopes McCarthy's proposal succeeds.

He added, though, that Trump needs the support he's been lacking from Congress.

"I'm losing faith, to tell you the truth," Homan said. "If people would've rallied behind [Trump] from the beginning, we wouldn't have the issues we have on the border."

Homan stressed that the construction of a border wall shouldn't be a partisan issue.

"Whether you're Republican or Democrat, every one of those people on the hill, their number one responsibility is to protect this nation," he said.

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