A high school student in North Carolina was forced to remove a jersey featuring the president's last name at a patriotic-themed high school football game.

WTVD reported that the event took place on October 5 at Harnett Central High School in the town of Angier.

Mike Collins, the student's father, said Saturday on Fox & Friends that the Trump jersey was given to his family by a friend.

Collins said the game was dubbed "America Night" and that his son, who sat in the front row, was singled out by the school's principal shortly before halftime.

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He added that the principal told his son his shirt was political and that parents in the stands were complaining.

Collins, a registered Democrat, said that his son ultimately left the game after being warned by the principal but was "humiliated."

"We still just can't comprehend the decision the principal made," he said Saturday.

WTVD also reported that the school's principal, Cindy Gordon, had been replaced as of Friday.

Harnett County Schools said in a statement:

"We want to emphasize that Harnett County Schools supports and affirms students' rights to express themselves - including wearing clothing expressing political messages or supporting political candidates or officeholders - in ways that are not expected to disrupt school or school events."

Collins stressed that there was nothing political about the jersey his son wore to the game.

"Whether you support our president or you agree with our president or disagree, that has nothing to do with this," he said. "We are respecting our president, we're respecting authority, and that's what my son did."

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