A Rutgers University alumna had her lecture on free speech postponed by the university after a petition by students began circulating, accusing her of Islamophobia.

Lisa Daftari was scheduled to speak at Rutgers on "Radicalism on College Campuses" next Tuesday and was invited by the institution.

Daftari was "conflating Islam with extremism," according a piece by the Muslim Public Relations Council published in the Rutgers student newspaper.

"Hate-mongering under the guise of free speech, as Daftari does, directly affects the safety of Muslims on campus," it said.

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Daftari said Friday on Fox News @ Night that although the university has said it postponed her appearance, she feels "absolutely disinvited."

She told Shannon Bream that she had been told the word "postponement" was used for public relations reasons.

"The bottom line is they were shutting down free speech," she said. "A small handful of campus bullies decided that they can throw around the word 'Islamophobia' in an unethical and irresponsible way."

The petition states that Daftari is "an unapologetic Islamophobe," and also refers to her as a "bigot."

Daftari said on Friday that the school chose the subject to discuss during her appearance.

"I told them I was going to add the tag line to speak about 'freedom of speech on campus' so more irony to add to that," she said.

Conversely, a petition has been started to let Daftari speak at Rutgers.

A statement by the university said that it will go forward with events that "reflect a wide variety of perspectives."

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