Tucker Carlson reacted to Democrats and media personalities bashing rapper Kanye West over his meeting with President Trump.

Carlson highlighted CNN anchor Don Lemon, who he said repeatedly called President Trump a racist, and who called West's appearance a "minstrel show" in the Oval Office.

"Is America still a free country? Are [people] still allowed to say what they think is true?" Carlson asked. 

"What West said is so hard to rebut factually, that nobody even tried to do that," Carlson said, adding that people like Lemon and author Michael Eric Dyson "attacked [West's] decency and mental condition."

Carlson said that the way West was treated is "now a universal tactic on the left."

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"They don't want to argue with you, they want to denounce you," he said. "The best thing about this style of argument -- you don't have to master any details."

Carlson said much of the criticism seemed to collectively instruct West that his ethnicity requires him to behave a certain way and only support particular politicians and initiatives.

He said that the left's "real fear" is that West is not "crazy at all."

"It's about power," he said, adding that to them, "free speech is like a virus."

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