Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) is taking criticism after a video showed her talking about the "crazy" people in her state and promising to advise liberal activists on how to "stop your state from becoming Arizona."

Sinema, who is running in a tightly contested U.S. Senate race, made the remarks during a 2011 speech to the Texas Stonewall Democratic Caucus, a Democratic LGBT group in the Lone Star State.

On Thursday, Tucker Carlson revealed that this is not the only documented instance of Sinema making controversial statements.

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Carlson reported that in April 2006, Sinema wrote that illegal immigrants who die trying to sneak into the U.S. are morally equivalent to Americans dying in the Iraq War.

Sinema drew the comparison in an email to a Yahoo! group called "Local to Global Justice, which reads in part:

To state that immigration is not a war or is not equal in magnitude to war, I believe, dishonors those who have died in this country and others as migrants. I volunteer with a group called No Mas Muertes—No More Deaths—and I cannot explain to you the pain that I suffered one hot day last July as I scoured the desert along with scores of others for the bodies of those who have died tortuous and painful deaths in our desert … Death is death, and to rank one form of death as being somehow more important than other death [sic] does us no good as humans. The deaths that people suffer in the Mexico-Arizona desert are the same as the deaths that people suffer in the Iraq desert—they are needless, senseless deaths.

Carlson also noted that in 2009, Sinema was asked about her views on immigration laws, responding, "I oppose all of them."

"If you think that foreigners breaking your country's laws are every bit as good as the citizens dying to defend them, it's possible you may have a problem with you're own people, your own countrymen, the citizens of your nation," Carlson said. 

The Sinema campaign responded, saying she "was frustrated that no one in the state legislature was standing up to out-of-state special interests working to take away health care from children, make tuition more expensive, and take job security away from working families" when she made the statement about "crazy" Arizona voters.

"Kyrsten was born here, and will always stand up to outside special interest groups to protect and defend Arizonans."

Watch more from "Tucker Carlson Tonight" above.

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