A Washington state man says his truck was set ablaze and vandalized with spray paint because it was adorned with pro-President Trump stickers.

Johnny MacKay says he had a few drinks at a Vancouver, Washington, bar and decided to take an Uber home and leave his truck overnight in the parking lot.

The truck had two stickers on the bumper in support of President Trump, one of which read: “TRUMP 2020.”

MacKay was shocked the next morning to find his truck destroyed, as he said the “tires were melted, the windows were shattered.”

The word “Trump” appeared to be spray-painted in large white letters across the body of the vehicle.

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On "Fox & Friends" Thursday, MacKay said the woman who reported the fire said the truck originally had "Fk Trump" spray-painted on it, but some of the letters were scorched off by the blaze.

He said he's certain it was a targeted, anti-Trump attack, and he's hopeful that law enforcement is able to track down the suspect or suspects.

"The bar has surveillance video and I believe a few other neighbors might have additional video footage," MacKay said.

He said he currently plans to vote for Trump in 2020, as he's not overly impressed by any of the rumored Democratic challengers.

Watch the "Fox & Friends" segment above.

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