Tucker Carlson said that the left and some in the media are "terrified that you will listen to what Kanye West" said at the White House on Thursday.

West and former Cleveland Browns running back Jim Brown joined President Trump for lunch, but not before West made several pointed statements in the Oval Office.

"Kanye West said some genuinely interesting things," Carlson said. "He'll probably destroy his career for saying them."

Carlson said that West's style may have covered up some of the points he was making but that people should definitely listen to what he said.

He explained how West posited that it is expected for African-Americans to be Democrats, and that the welfare state has a lot to do with leftist politics in that regard.

Carlson said that was true, adding that the Democratic Party "systematically destroyed the American family, especially in [urban] neighborhoods" -- and that Democrats at times see fathers as "an impediment" to the state forcing their will on family units.

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"[West] is precisely crazy enough to think for himself," Carlson said, adding that the rap artist offers "real insights into the way the world actually is. ... That makes him dangerous to a system based on piety and lying."

Carlson said the media response proved that the left believes "Kanye must be crushed."

He said that Democrats need nearly the entirety of the African-American vote to win presidential elections, so when West espouses support for Trump and his policies, they view it negatively.

"They're terrified you will listen to what Kanye West is saying."

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