Tucker Carlson and Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz reacted to "View" host Sunny Hostin saying that "a woman's word is enough" when it comes to evidence in a sexual assault case.

Carlson said the left's "anger" over the Kavanaugh confirmation is "not even close to ending."

He joked that America may need "the nuclear regulatory commission" to control it.

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During his confirmation, Kavanaugh was accused of sexual misconduct.

This week, Hostin said that "a woman's word is enough," based on law, and that corroborating evidence is not necessary.

Dershowitz said that what Hostin said is "technically true" -- in that corroboration is not necessary to make a case.

But, he said that in practicality, "if you have elements that cast doubt on the word of the woman," then corroboration may be helpful.

"We don't start with the presumption that there's a genetically-linked characteristic" in sexual assault cases, Dershowitz said.

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