President Trump talked to "Fox & Friends" Thursday morning, praising Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West, while promising to overrule his Attorney General Jeff Sessions, if necessary, on prison reform. 

The rapper is set to meet with Trump at the White House later today along with NFL Hall of Famer and activist Jim Brown. Previously, Trump granted clemency to 63-year-old grandmother Alice Marie Johnson, who was serving a life sentence on a drug charge that many saw as unjust. 

The clemency was granted after heavy lobbying by Kardashian West and a meeting with Trump at the White House.

"I like [Kanye] a lot. ... He's a very different kind of a guy and I say that in a positive way. Those in the music business say he's a genius and that's OK with me," said Trump, noting that his poll numbers shot up after Kanye West's positive words.

"His wife, Kim, is terrific," said Trump, adding both want to help people who may be serving unjust prison sentences.

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Touting high levels of support from the black community, Trump said Jim Brown "gets it" and he understands that sentences like Johnson's were not fair and that reform is needed. 

"We're gonna make certain categories tougher when it comes to drug dealing and other things. There has to be a reform. It's very unfair to African-Americans, it's very unfair to everybody and it's also very costly," he said. 

Brian Kilmeade asked whether prison reform may be difficult given potential opposition from Attorney General Jeff Sessions. 

"If he doesn't [agree], then he gets overruled by me because I make the decision. He doesn't," said Trump. 

Kanye West made headlines and was praised by Trump supporters for wearing a Make America Great Again hat on "Saturday Night Live" and making pro-Trump remarks to the audience after his performance.

Watch the clip above. 

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