Fox News political analyst Gianno Caldwell said President Trump's meeting with Kanye West is a promising step toward addressing the gun violence that is plaguing Chicago, and he's "completely disturbed" by the backlash to West's outspoken support of the president.

Trump and West are scheduled to have lunch at the White House on Thursday, and Chicago is going to be one of the prominent topics of conversation, according to White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders.

West grew up in Chicago and named his youngest daughter for his hometown.

On "Fox & Friends First" Thursday morning, Caldwell said Trump often spoke about Chicago on the campaign trail, and this meeting is another sign that his administration is serious about finding solutions.

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The violence epidemic in Chicago is a personal issue for Caldwell, a native of the Windy City whose brother survived a shooting last year.

Heather Childers noted that Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced Tuesday that the Justice Department would oppose a proposal to reform Chicago's policing practices that is now being considered by a federal judge. reported:

The announcement came one day after President Trump advocated using the "stop-and-frisk" police method to combat Chicago's high violent crime rate. The city reached an agreement with the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois in 2015 to curb stop-and-frisk procedures after the group threatened to file a lawsuit claiming the practice inordinately targeted blacks.

In a statement, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said the 2015 agreement "dramatically undercut proactive policing in the city and kicked off perhaps the greatest surge in murder ever suffered by a major American city." Sessions also warned it was "imperative that the city not repeat the mistakes of the past" with the new decree.

"The safety of Chicago depends on it," Sessions said.

Caldwell said that could be "problematic, and he cautioned the administration against eroding trust between communities and law enforcement.

"We have to approach this in a very strategic way, because it isn't just the shootings in Chicago that we should be concerned about. We should be concerned about the full picture and make sure we have community buy-in," Caldwell said.

As for the backlash that West has received over his Trump support, Caldwell said he's "completely disturbed" by the rhetoric from some on the left.

"If he were in support of Hillary Clinton, as he has been in support of President Trump, you would not get this backlash. You wouldn't see this from the liberal elites -- whether they be white or black -- in Hollywood or in Washington, D.C."

Watch the "Fox & Friends First" segment above.

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