Shepard Smith showed devastating drone footage from Mexico Beach, Florida, a small beachfront community which was almost completely destroyed Wednesday by Hurricane Michael. 

The monster storm was the strongest to ever hit the area, coming ashore at nearly Category-5 strength. 

Gov. Rick Scott has advised the nearly 1,100 residents not to go back, since the town is mostly inaccessible. About one out of every three residents of Mexico Beach is 65 or older.

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Many homes in the beach community, just east of Panama City, were reduced to just their foundations, with none escaping some form of damage. 

"Mexico Beach as they knew it, is gone," said Smith, describing the massive recovery effort that is underway. 

The huge storm surge from Michael was evident on barrier island St. George Island, where rising water nearly topped homes. 

Meantime, drone footage in nearby Panama City showed a middle school heavily damaged by the storm. 

Watch the full report from Mike Tobin in Mexico Beach above. 

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