NRA TV contributor Dan Bongino said Thursday on "Hannity" that in the "Trump era," liberals who are not used to conservatives standing firm on principles and issues are "scattered" and acting out in rage.

He said Trump "refuses to back down to political pressure" and that the left "is usually tactically smarter than this."

Bongino was referring to riotous protests at the Supreme Court and on Capitol Hill, mobs of activists driving Republican officials from restaurants and an Antifa rally in Portland, Oregon.

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"Trump has them moving and scattered," he said. "They're not used to a real political fight."

Former Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka said that people "risk bodily harm" by showing their support for Trump with hats and shirts, while leftists are not attacked by Republicans for wearing images of Che Guevara and others.

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi was harassed by liberal activists at a movie theater in June and she told Hannity that it's "the classic definition of a mob."

"I'm not gonna be a victim," she said, adding she was confronted while out in public just the other day. 

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