Sean Hannity said Tuesday that the media's biased coverage of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation reminded him of President Trump's election night win. 

"They're not exactly taking it well," said Hannity, recalling the media's "collective state of shock" when Trump was announced as the winner. 

Hannity called out Democrats for turning the confirmation process into a "circus" and "turning an angry mob" against the judge, believing he or President Trump would give up.

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"But the president stood by his nominee and in doing so, he stood up for the core principles of our system of justice: due process, the Constitution, presumption of innocence, equal application of our laws and frankly, simple common sense," said Hannity. 

He noted that on his first day as a Supreme Court justice, Kavanaugh quickly hired an all-female class of law clerks despite being described as an "enemy" of women by the left for weeks. 

Hannity said President Trump's supporters can deliver another "shock" in four weeks in the midterm elections, slamming Democrats for taking a hard-left turn in the past few years.

"All moderates are gone [from the Democratic Party]. This is now a hardcore, radical, extreme leftist political party," he said.

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