Graham Allen asked Wednesday why no questions were raised leading up to the halftime performance in Mississippi during which students depicted holding a police officer at gunpoint.

Allen, a CRTV host, Army veteran and Mississippi native, said on Fox & Friends First that the controversial performance may have happened because of parenting.

He said that no questions were asked because it is now "acceptable" and "that falls 100 percent on the parents."

"They've been practicing this routine, so why didn't anyone say anything? At no point, any student though 'Huh, maybe this isn't appropriate' or 'Wow, this is weird.'"

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Images from the halftime performance at Forest Hill High School went viral after students who appeared to be dressed as doctors pointed toy guns at officers on the ground.

Many have questioned why the band's director has yet to be fired. The mayor of Brookhaven said he was put on administrative leave.

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant also condemned the act, tweeting that it "is unacceptable in a civilized society."

"This is an adult male -- the band director -- that is pushing a social justice agenda onto children," Allen said.

According to local news station WLBT, two police officers were shot in the line of duty in the town of Brookhaven the week prior to the performance.

The Brookhaven School District issued a statement in response, saying that it had no prior knowledge of the performance.

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