In his Opening Monologue, Sean Hannity ripped Rep. Maxine Waters for calling President Trump the "poster boy" for violent mob protesters.

Waters (D-Calif.) said on MSNBC that "we cannot allow Donald Trump or anybody else to take protest away from us, and deem it to be violent and to try to make us look like a mob."

Waters said Trump and Republicans are attempting to portray peaceful protests over new Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh as "mobs."

"This president is the poster boy for what a mob protester looks like," she said, accusing him of having "violent speech."

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She also said America is "past due" for intense protests.

Hannity warned that Waters' "brand of vitriol" could have real-world consequences.

He pointed out that only a few months ago, Waters was telling a crowd on a California street that they should confront White House staff "in a department store or at a gasoline station" to express their disapproval.

Watch Hannity's monologue above.

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