Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) expressed his concern about residents who chose not to evacuate ahead of Hurricane Michael making landfall on Wednesday.

The powerful storm was upgraded to a Category 4 hurricane early on Wednesday, and around 500,000 residents were subject to evacuation orders and advisories.

"Those that have chosen not to evacuate and they're on our coast, it's too late," Scott said on Fox & Friends. "I'm disappointed if anyone didn't evacuate, but especially any kids that weren't evacuated."

Scott said that he's called up 2,500 members of the National Guard to assist, and has more than 1,000 rescuers at the ready.

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The National Hurricane Center said that Michael could strengthen throughout Wednesday afternoon, with winds already at 140 mph.

Scott implored residents on Wednesday to seek shelter and prepare for the monster storm.

"I just think that people don't realize the risk of this," he said. "Listen to locals. Don't go out in the middle of this, you're not going to survive it. It's deadly."

He also stressed the risk of flash flooding and tornadoes in the Florida Panhandle.

"My biggest concern is the people that made the decision not to evacuate even though they were told many times."

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