In his monologue Wednesday, Greg Gutfeld praised President Trump's USA Today op-ed warning of the dangers of the Democrats' shift toward socialism.

"Donald Trump unleashed his midterm message inside our nation's hotel doormat," he joked, referring to the paper's ubiquity as a complimentary amenity.

Gutfeld said Trump basically warned that a socialist turn in America would make us more like Venezuela -- which he noted was one of the most prosperous South American countries until the late Hugo Chavez was elected in 1998.

"Zoos become a sizzler for the starving," he said, noting that Venezuelans are so short on basic necessities that they have resorted to eating animals from captivity.

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"Democrats [might] see this as progress... the poor things are no longer caged," he said.

Gutfeld played a clip of Trump's Iowa rally where he said that America shouldn't "hand matches to an arsonist" by voting Democrat.

He said that Venezuela is what can happen when you "destroy prosperity," likening a "President Bernie Sanders" as a way to "build a [Trumpian] wall."

"Who wants to come here if here is worse than there?" he asked, adding that the Democrats new slogan should be "Zebra, it's what's for dinner."

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