Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren slammed the left's "outrageous" political attacks after the doxxing of another Republican lawmaker.

Sen. Cory Gardner (R-Colo.) revealed to Fox News on Sunday that someone has publicly posted the names and addresses of his family members, and that his wife had received a graphic text message with a video depicting a beheading.

This comes after a former Democratic congressional intern was arrested for allegedly posting the personal information of Senators Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), Mike Lee (R-Utah) and Orrin Hatch ( R-Utah) on Wikipedia.

On "Fox & Friends" Tuesday, Lahren said the left's "ugly" tactics of doxxing, threats and intimidation are only getting worse.

"It's really anyone who sits right of center, anyone who's a Trump supporter. We're all targets of this," Lahren said, noting she has been confronted in public, including famously at a Minneapolis restaurant earlier this year.

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She said conservatives may be celebrating victories like Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to the Supreme Court, but the left is more upset than ever.

"And they're going to take it out on us every chance they get," Lahren warned.

She said the heated rhetoric that is coming from the left can lead to actual physical violence, pointing to Antifa protests that broke out in Portland, Oregon, following a police shooting.

"It's absolutely terrifying what they're doing to average citizens on the street," Lahren said. "We don't even know if these people are Trump supporters, if they're conservatives. They're just average citizens and they're being attacked in their own. It's absolutely outrageous."

"Conservatives and Trump supporters, we really need to be vigilant in paying attention, because the left is getting nastier than ever."

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