American action star Steven Seagal, who holds citizenship in the U.S. and Russia, and spends a lot of time in the country, reacted to the Trump-Russia collusion narrative, his friendship with President Putin and a rumor that he is considering a run for governor of Siberia.

Seagal said that the Siberian rumor was the product of "fake news" reporting on a joke he made while visiting Vladivostok.

He said that a man recognized him, and shouted that Siberia did not have a governor and asked if the actor would take the role. Seagal said he responded in jest but that the media took it seriously.

"One of the millions of the fake news sort of stories," Seagal, whom Putin has designated a "special envoy" to the United States, said.

Regarding the collusion narrative, Seagal said that it is a situation where "there is a tremendous amount of propaganda against Russia."

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"Most of the things that are being said are fabricated and untrue... I think it's all a fantasy," he said, rejecting the notion that President Donald Trump is involved in any type of conspiracy.

He said the collusion story is a product of a massive "divide" in American politics. "Certain groups will do anything... to win this battle where their agenda triumphs."

Seagal said Russian citizens, for their part, "are just completely bemused" by the entire saga.

He called Putin a close friend and said the ex-KGB agent is a "brilliant strategist, intelligent man and great world leader."

"If we would come to terms with trying to deal with Russia... as if they were equal partners I think this would really go a long way in world peace."

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