U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley resigned from her position on Tuesday morning, Fox News confirmed, catching political observers off-guard. 

Haley, who was confirmed as ambassador shortly after President Trump was inaugurated, offered her resignation Tuesday morning and will serve through the end of 2018.

She emphasized she is not planning to run for president in 2020 and looks forward to campaigning for the president's re-election.

Special Report host Bret Baier said on America's Newsroom that he believes Haley did not resign for a negative reason, calling it "surprising."

"She has been as someone who has really stood up for Trump foreign policy. Every aspect of it," he said.

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Before her role at the United Nations, Haley served as the governor of South Carolina from 2010 to 2016. Haley said she believes in "term limits" and government officials need to know when it's time to step aside.

Baier was taken aback by Haley's decision to announce her resignation now, instead of waiting until after the midterm elections. 

"One would think that she could wait another month," he said. "Usually that's what happens.

Speaking alongside Haley at the White House Tuesday morning, President Trump said Haley wants to "take a break," applauding Haley for doing an "incredible job."

"She's been very special to me," he said, recalling that six months ago Haley told him she wanted to depart at the end of the year.

Haley was a critic of the United Nations' bias against the Israel and the U.S., and also pulled the country out of the Human Rights Council in June, calling it “a protector of human rights abusers, and a cesspool of political bias.”

Haley offered words of support to protesters of Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro outside the U.N. General Assembly last month. 

Trump applauded Haley for her work on North Korea and Iran, recalling that people thought a war was possible with North Korea last year but relations have improved. 

"The world is really respecting the United States again," he said, adding that Iran is "fighting for their lives" and the nation's economy is "in tatters."

Trump said North Korea will be a "very successful country," predicting Kim Jong Un will at some point welcome investment into the country. 

"He's going to unleash something that's going to be really spectacular."

Haley said it was the "honor of a lifetime" to serve as U.N. ambassador and said she was "most excited" about what has happened in the last two years under President Trump's foreign policy. 

"They get that the president means business," she emphasized.

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