Dr. Sebastian Gorka had some strong words for an MSNBC panelist who likened the Republican Party to Nazi Germany following Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to the Supreme Court.

On MSNBC on Sunday, Elie Mystal, editor of Above the Law, said Americans "made a deal with the devil" by electing Trump, and the "devil" is delivering.

“Trump has delivered for these people on the things that they care about most,” Mystal said. "He has delivered racism for these people. He has delivered misogyny for these people, and now he’s delivered the Supreme Court for these people, which is something that they’ve been trying to get for a generation.”

He said the question now is if Republicans' "reign" over the three branches of government "lasts for thirty days, or two years, or a thousand-year Reich."

On "Fox & Friends" Tuesday, Gorka took issue with Mystal's comments, noting that millions of people lived under Nazi occupation, including his parents in Hungary, and millions lost their lives at the hands of Adolf Hitler's Third Reich.

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"That's an insult to the 10 million-plus Americans who were GIs who fought fascism, many of whom died. It's unconscionable," Gorka said.

He said if President Trump were the "great dictator" that Mystal and others paint him to be, then Trump would have critics like Mystal "locked up."

"It's fantasy," Gorka said.

He said that this type of rhetoric from the left is dangerous, warning that the Democratic Party is "normalizing" political violence.

Gorka pointed to the shooting at a Republican congressional baseball practice last year, along with violent Antifa protests that have broken out across the country in recent months.

"The right doesn't do that. You're normalizing something that is un-American."

Watch more from "Fox & Friends" above.

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