An editor for a left-wing website said that House Majority Whip Steve Scalise should be nominated for a "Darwin Award" because of his opposition to gun control policies.

The Raw Story senior editor Martin Cizmar tweeted out the remark after Scalise denounced the threats of violence toward Republican officials.

Cizmar drew an immediate backlash for going after Scalise (R-La.), who was severely wounded by a Bernie Sanders supporter last year on a practice field ahead of the congressional baseball game.

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Scalise's tweet was sent out after Republican Sen. Cory Gardner's wife was sent a text message that included a video depicting a beheading, following Gardner's support of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

The text also said that someone posted the names and addresses of Gardner's family members.

Cizmar initially tweeted "Boo boo little baby" to Scalise and then called him a "whiny" Republican.

"To all the unhinged wingnuts angry about my calling a whiny Republic man a little baby... do you support gun control? If so, please keep talking. If not, why do I care about some guy grazed by a bullet who allows children to die because of his dumb and extremist policies?" Cizmar said.

His remarks were met with conservative backlash, with many saying he shamed Scalise for being a victim of a shooting.

Cizmar responded by saying that Scalise was "an accomplice" to the 2017 incident.

Scalise later responded after Cizmar's comments started to make headlines, tweeting "praying for him."

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