Greg Gutfeld on Monday played video of an angry mob of left-wing activists issuing directional demands to motorists and other civilians in Portland, Oregon.

He called it a "cross between a bunch of angry losers and a cowardly mayor."

Portland's Democratic Mayor Ted Wheeler has been largely permissive of the mobs in his city, ordering his police department to "stand down" when protesters converged on an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office in July.

"I've consistently stated that I do not want the Portland Police Bureau engaged in securing federal property that houses a federal agency with its own police force," Wheeler said at the time.

Gutfeld said that protesters have menaced civilians with "physical harm and weapons."

The video shows a "pasty white loser attacking a law-abiding [driver] for being white."

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The elderly man in the car is seen questioning why he cannot turn a certain direction at an intersection that appears not to have signs restricting such movement.

"How is that not a hate crime, and how is this possible?" Gutfeld asked.

He said Wheeler "handed over" political power to the "mob," and played a second video of CNN host Brooke Baldwin admonishing a guest for calling left-wing activists in the District of Columbia a "mob."

"If I were the NRA, I'd run that every day," Gutfeld said about the Portland video, adding that most ads for the National Rifle Association portray the importance of self-defense.

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