Bob Hugin, the Republican candidate seeking to unseat Democratic Sen. Robert Menendez in New Jersey, said the reliably blue Garden State may see an unexpected result in November's election.

To date, the Menendez-Hugin race has not been on the political radar, compared with contests in swing states like Tennessee, North Dakota, Florida, or Missouri.

Hugin said he sees his race against Menendez as a "dead heat" -- with the latest Real Clear Politics average showing him trailing the former Union City mayor by about 7 points.

If Hugin were to unseat Menendez, he would be the first Republican in 46 years to be elected to the Senate from New Jersey.

"I've done over 400 campaign events. The people of New Jersey know they could do so much better [than Menendez]," Hugin told Neil Cavuto Tuesday on "Your World."

Cavuto said that he has reached out repeatedly to Menendez to join him on-air in similar fashion, but that his invitations have not yet been returned.

Hugin blasted Menendez' reaction to the news that U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley will resign her post. Menendez said in a statement that it is another casualty of "the Trump administration's chaotic foreign policy."

"[That's] quite ridiculous," Hugin said. "Here's a guy who's been in chaos his entire term, running to stay one step ahead of the law, and he's worried about someone else's chaos.

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Menendez was tried earlier this year on charges of bribery and corruption surrounding his relationship with Florida eye doctor Solomon Melgen, and had been criticized for alleged actions taken on trips to the Dominican Republic -- but it ended in a mistrial.

Hugin said that New Jersey is "50th out of 50" in receiving federal dollars from Washington for what they pay in taxes.

He demurred when Cavuto asked whether he would invite President Trump to stump for him, saying instead that he wants his race to be focused on New Jersey issues.

He praised the economic climate under Trump, but criticized the decision to cap SALT deductions on personal tax filings.

"[NJ] has become so unaffordable. The state is overtaxed," he said, going on to criticize Democratic Gov. Philip Murphy for his pro-tax-hike positions.

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