Some students and alumni at a Georgia college are calling for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas' name to be removed from one of the campus' buildings.

An online petition has garnered more than 1,000 signatures to rename the Clarence Thomas Center for Historical Preservation at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD).

The building was previously an orphanage and convent for the Missionary Sisters of the Franciscan order. Thomas served as an altar boy there as a child, and the school named the restored building after him in 2010.

The call to action follows Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to the high court after a heated battle and a series of uncorroborated sexual assault allegations.

Similarly, Thomas' nomination to the high court was thrown into doubt by sexual assault accusations from Anita Hill in 1991.

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Sage Lucero, a SCAD alum who started the petition, said she didn't know there was a building on campus named after Thomas until the controversy surrounding Kavanaugh.

“No one ever called that building by Clarence Thomas, it was always just the preservation, historic preservation building," she told local news outlet WTOC.

Kavanaugh was sworn in as the Supreme Court's 114th justice on Saturday after a 50-48 Senate vote.

In her petition, Lucero is calling for her alma mater to rename the building in question after Anita Hill.

"It’s utterly disgraceful to me that I attended a school where a building was named after a sexual predator," she said.

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