Martha MacCallum took issue with Fox News Radio host Marie Harf criticizing Maine Sen. Susan Collins for her now-viral speech defending her vote for Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Harf said that she agreed with her former colleague in the Obama administration, Jennifer Psaki, who said that Collins' vote was "political cowardice."

Harf said it was "interesting" that Collins said Kavanaugh accuser Dr. Christine Blasey Ford may have "mistaken" the identity of her alleged attacker, while the claim of assault itself may be true.

"That is like trying to have it both ways," Harf said, accusing Collins of trying to "dismiss" Dr. Ford.

MacCallum said that she took issue with how Harf went on to describe Collins' vote, calling it "fake feminism."

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"[Collins] weighed all of the evidence," MacCallum said. "Just because of her gender she is supposed to side with the accuser?"

Harf said the Republican Party appeared determined to confirm Kavanaugh "no matter what."

"I don't understand what her gender has to do with it," MacCallum said. "Women don't sign a document [saying] you side with the person who is accusing simply because of your sex."

MacCallum said Harf was being "unfair" to Collins.

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