Republican National Committee spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany said Monday on America's Newsroom that the Democratic opposition to Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh has energized Republican voters with midterm elections just weeks away.

McEnany noted an NPR poll that showed a significant drop in Democratic voter enthusiasm, as well as an increase in enthusiasm among female Republicans.

"Women will be turning out, Republicans will be turning out," she said. [Democrats] have lit a fire under our base."

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She agreed with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell that Kavanaugh's confirmation gave Republicans the motivation for higher voter turnout come November.

"This will help us keep and expand our majority in the Senate. I also think it's the same story for the House," she said.

She criticized the "charades" and "antics" by Democrats, like the Women's March calling Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) a "rape apologist" because of her support for Kavanaugh.

"That motivates not just Republicans, but moderates and even some Democrats who want to reject that kind of commentary about someone who made a well-reasoned argument for why she was supporting Judge Kavanaugh."

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