Ben Shapiro had a message for conservatives following Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to the Supreme Court: "Don't get complacent."

The Senate on Saturday voted 50-48 to confirm Kavanaugh, bringing an end to a heated confirmation battle and signaling a rightward shift on the high court.

Shapiro said it's a big win for President Trump, Republicans and constitutional conservatives, but the anti-Kavanaugh opposition throughout the confirmation process highlighted that leftists control the nation's chief cultural institutions.

He explained that many Democrats, left-leaning groups, Hollywood elites, academics and the media worked both together and apart to delay or sink Kavanaugh's nomination.

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Although their attempts proved unsuccessful, Shapiro said the fight is far from over, and the next major battle will be in November, when Democrats hope to retake the House and, possibly, the Senate in the midterm elections.

"Now that Justice Kavanaugh is joining the Supreme Court, don't get complacent. Don't think the fight is over. It's just beginning. And now we know the stakes. Remember that on November 6th."

Watch Shapiro's monologue above, and don't miss his election special Sundays at 8:00pm ET on Fox News Channel.

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