Pennsylvania Congressman Mike Kelly, who will host President Trump for a rally in his district on Wednesday, responded Saturday to claims the president has divided the country along partisan lines.

Kelly, a Butler Republican who will join Trump for the Erie rally, said the GOP has to not just "play the whole way through the whistle" of election season, but "through the echo of the whistle."

"America has never had bluer skies and stronger wind at its back than now," Kelly said.

He said Trump's presidency has not only ushered in two conservative Supreme Court justices, but also an "incredible ascension of the economy."

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"America's News HQ" host Leland Vittert asked Kelly about potential 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker of New Jersey, who went straight to Iowa soon after voting against confirming Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

"How long? Not long -- until we elect people who represent all the people not just the fortunate few. How long? Not long!" Booker told the crowd in Des Moines. 

Kelly jokingly referred to Booker as "Spartacus," in reference to how the former Newark mayor compared himself to the Roman war hero during a Senate hearing for Kavanaugh.

He said Booker should understand that we live in "the United States of America, not the divided states of America," and that Trump speaks to the "forgotten people" as a way of trying to unite the country.

"We need to become more statesmanlike," he said.

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