This week on the "Greg Gutfeld Show," Greg Gutfeld aired a promotional video for a faux collection of the hottest moments from the otherwise mundane trade negotiations between the United States, Mexico and Canada.

Queuing up the promotion, Gutfeld said there is finally a way for the general public to get excited about the often wonky and analytical attributes of international trade talks.

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"Are you ready to see NAFTA get blown off the planet?" a narrator says, offering viewers to find out more about the "hottest consumer protections this side of the Prime Meridian."

"Imports, exports, supply chain augmentation, [it's all] in Tariff Tussles XXL Volume 6," he said.

The narrator said that "Tariff Tussles XXL" is the perfect accompaniment to "Parliaments Gone Wild."

"Rated M for MAGA."

Watch more above.

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