On "Hannity" Friday, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-.S.C.) praised his colleague Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) for speaking out in favor of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh on the Senate floor.

Collins, a moderate Republican, was seen as a swing vote on Kavanaugh's confirmation before she decided to support President Trump's pick for the high court.

In a fiery speech on Friday, Collins explained her decision to support the Kavanaugh’s nomination, likening the confirmation process to a “gutter-level political campaign” and saying that anti-Kavanaugh outside groups distorted the judge’s record with “over-the-top rhetoric.”

Graham applauded Collins for adopting the rule of law and rejecting the "rule of the mob."

“If I had to tell somebody a good reason to vote for Judge Kavanaugh, I would ask them to look at Susan’s speech. It was just incredible in detail, forcefully delivered. She didn’t look like she was pained. She hated what happened to the process but she was confident that Judge Kavanaugh was the right guy at the right time. So I think she saved the Senate and the judiciary from sliding into the abyss,” Graham said.

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Looking ahead to November's midterm elections, Graham said voters will have two choice: “the Susan Collins way or the protester way.”

“Who do you want to run the government? Conservatives aligned with Senator Collins, trying to work toward empowering people, making us safe, more money in your pocket? Or do you want to turn your government over to people who just yell and spit on you?” Graham asked.

"If you vote for the Democratic Party, you’re turning your government over to people who follow you around, spit on you, and try to intimidate you. If you keep the Republican Party in place, that means there will be an alliance between Susan Collins and others to keep us safe and make our lives better. That’s a pretty simple choice."

Watch the "Hannity" segment above.

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