In her "Angle" commentary Friday night, Laura Ingraham slammed Democrats for how they politicized the sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Ingraham said it was clear that Democrats and many on the left were dead set on killing Kavanaugh's nomination, but they made a "fatal miscalculation" by jettisoning due process and using victims to pursue a "radical political agenda."

She accused Democrats of "cynically" and "cruelly" using Kavanaugh accuser Dr. Christine Blasey Ford in an attempt to derail Kavanaugh's confirmation.

"Remember, she didn't want to initially come forward to tell her story. She was dragged into the open by political leaks to the Washington Post and other media outlets. ... And then she was forced to tell her story," Ingraham said.

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She said that Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) perfectly summed up Democrats' "callousness" when she spoke in support of Kavanaugh on the Senate floor Friday:

I could not help but feel that some people who wanted to engineer the defeat of this nomination cared little, if at all, for her well-being. Professor Ford testified that a very limited number of people had access to her letter. Yet that letter found its way into the public domain.

Ingraham said the heated battle over Kavanaugh's confirmation was really all about "the left's desire to use the Supreme Court to impose liberal social values on society."

She said it's shameful that Democrats would use and exploit victimhood to that end.

"This was the Democrats' miscalculation. They thought emotional extortion and protester histrionics would be enough to block a well-qualified Supreme Court nominee," Ingraham said. "But once again, they let their rabid political ideology blind them to the fact that Americans are fair-minded, have a basic goodness about them, and they're optimistic about the future."

"They don't need an activist Supreme Court to see the light, to know where we are as people, to see our future."

Watch Ingraham's full commentary above.

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