President Donald Trump urged voters to support Republican candidates at a Saturday rally in Topeka, Kan. -- shortly after Justice Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court.

Trump blasted anti-Kavanaugh activists and protesters for "screaming and shouting" after Kavanaugh was confirmed 50-48 with Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) voting present.

"[Democrats] threw aside every notion of fairness... and of due process. Every American has now seen the profound stakes in the upcoming election," Trump said.

Trump said that Democrats cannot be trusted with power and urged the public to elect more Republicans to pad their Congressional majority.

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"The Democrats have become too extreme and too dangerous to govern," he said. "You don't hand matches to an arsonist, and you don't give power to an angry left wing mob -- and that's what they've become."

Trump said Democrats' mission was to "delay, demolish and destroy" Kavanaugh. He added that there will be a White House swearing-in ceremony for the new justice on Monday at 7 PM EDT in the East Room.

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