Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino said Saturday on "Justice with Judge Jeanine" that the successful confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court means "Trumpism has been entirely vindicated."

Bongino said an "iron triangle" of ideological opposition has "dominated the GOP for years."

"Activist groups, the media and the 'swamp'," he said. "Trump keeps continuing to beat the snot out of all of them politically."

Bongino said Trump "ran up the score" at his Kansas rally Saturday evening, celebrating Kavanaugh's confirmation and ripping Democratic opponents.

"The ruthless, disgusting filthy attacks on Kavanaugh have galvanized Republican voters," he said.

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Bongino, who lives in Florida, said the state's Democratic senator, Bill Nelson, is "in trouble" as his reelection bid against Republican Rick Scott approaches.

He said that "Republican anger at the statewide level" may be enough to topple several Democratic incumbents like Nelson.

Bongino said "Trumpism" has also succeeded in bringing the party together, noting that the president and Maine Sen. Susan Collins have not always been on the same side of issues.

Collins made an impassioned speech Friday before announcing her intention to support Kavanaugh.

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