Louisiana Republican Sen. John N. Kennedy blasted House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi for comparing Judge Brett Kavanaugh to North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

In a speech ripping the Supreme Court nominee, Pelosi, of San Francisco, said President Trump must see "a similarity" between the two.

"I guess there's a similarity that people have with the people they respect," she said. "[He's] crazy about Putin, in love with Kim Jong Un, and thinks Kavanaugh is a great, upstanding person."

"He doesn't even know what he's talking about," she said of Trump.

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Kennedy warned "The Story" host Ed Henry that he probably shouldn't comment.

"But I'm going to be frank," Kennedy said. "Billy-Goat brain, mockingbird mouth. That's just typical -- that's just symbolic of what's going on."

Kennedy doubled down on his earlier contention that the Kavanaugh nomination has been an "intergalactic freakshow."

"If our founders could've envisioned confirmations being like this, a couple would have stuck with King George III," he said.

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