Geraldo Rivera said Friday morning on "Fox & Friends" that a "battered, tainted and smeared" Brett Kavanaugh will likely be confirmed to the Supreme Court in the next few days. 

He agreed with Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Chuck Grassley's (R-Iowa) statement earlier in the show that Democrats never cared about Kavanaugh's qualifications and were always going to oppose him. 

Rivera said Democrats' strategy was akin to a war in that they were going to try to defeat Kavanaugh "by any means necessary" to prevent a 5-4 right-leaning majority. 

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"This is war and in war you win by any means necessary. They seized on these sex assault allegations from the remote past, but it could have been anything," said Rivera, adding that they believe Kavanaugh's confirmation could change the shape of the court's decisions for decades.

"Brett Kavanaugh was in many ways collateral damage, the fact that his family was traumatized the way they were was almost insignificant to the Democrats."

Several hundred protesters, including actresses Amy Schumer and Emily Ratajkowski, flooded the open-air lobby of the Hart Senate Office Building Thursday in opposition to the looming confirmation vote, expected to come on Saturday.

Several Republican senators and Democrat Joe Manchin have been confronted by protesters upset that Kavanaugh could be confirmed to the high court despite a sexual assault allegation against him. They're also concerned that Kavanaugh's confirmation will lead to the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

Rivera said this may be a "hinge in history" because it could have a lasting impact on the nomination process for Supreme Court justices.

Watch the segment above.

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