On "Outnumbered" Friday, Lisa Boothe clashed with Democratic strategist Jake Maccoby while discussing the battle over Supreme Court nominee's Brett Kavanaugh confirmation.

The Senate on Friday morning voted to advance Kavanaugh's nomination, and a final confirmation vote is expected to take place on Saturday.

President Trump and Republican lawmakers have repeatedly called out Democrats for attempting to disrupt, delay and obstruct Kavanaugh's confirmation to the high court over a series of uncorroborated sexual assault allegations.

Boothe, a Fox News contributor, said she is absolutely disgusted by the Democrats' "weaponization of these baseless allegations."

"I've never in my entire 10 years working in politics been so disgusted with the political process and the weaponization of these baseless allegations. This isn't about politics, this isn't about a job interview, this is about someone's life," Boothe said.

"He has two little girls at home who are hearing this who he's had to have conversations with, and a wife. There is a family that is affected."

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She also called out Democrats for failing to ask Christine Blasey Ford about "numerous inconsistencies" in her story when she testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Mccoby, a former chief speechwriter for Attorney General Eric Holder and Attorney General Loretta Lynch, countered that Republicans on the committee didn't ask Ford any questions at all, instead ceding their time to sex crimes prosecutor Rachel Mitchell.

"From the beginning, they have had no interest in actually getting to the bottom of this," Maccoby said. "Democrats want to get to the bottom of these [allegations]."

Boothe fired back that Democrats only want to use "baseless allegations" to destroy a man's entire life.

"You've had no interest in getting to the bottom of anything. It's all politics. And it's disgusting."

Watch the heated "Outnumbered" debate above.

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