Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz warned Friday on "Fox & Friends" that the left has risked "destroying" the Supreme Court nomination process through uncorroborated sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh. 

He questioned why anyone would want to go through this process in the future, noting that Kavanaugh will no longer teach at Harvard due to the unproven allegations against him. 

"This kind of sexual McCarthyism is a terrible, terrible precedent," said Dershowitz, arguing that sexual assault claims should be taken seriously but a witness possibly making up a statement "out of whole cloth" must also be taken seriously. 

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Dershowitz was referring to reports that Leland Ingham Keyser told FBI investigators she was urged to clarify her statement by Monica McLean, a former FBI agent and friend of Christine Blasey Ford. 

Ford said Keyser was at the party where she alleges Kavanaugh attacked her in a bedroom, but Keyser told the Senate Judiciary Committee she doesn't know Kavanaugh and had no recollection of being at a party with him. 

McLean’s lawyer denied his client tried to influence Keyser to change her account, calling it "absolutely false."

Democrats have blasted the one-week FBI probe, with some calling it a "sham" and a possible "cover-up," stressing that Kavanaugh and Ford were not interviewed. Dershowitz dismissed the criticism, calling that a "phony argument."

"What would she do, change her testimony?" he asked, emphasizing that the FBI was tasked with finding corroborating evidence. 

Dershowitz said the issue is not political for him, recalling that he favored Judge Merrick Garland for the vacant seat. Garland was nominated by Barack Obama in 2016, but never received a hearing before the Republican-led Senate. 

Watch his full analysis above.

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