Several hundred protesters, including a cousin of the top Democrat in the Senate, flooded the open-air lobby of the Hart Senate Office Building in opposition to the looming confirmation vote for Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Shepard Smith reported that "quite a ruckus" ensued when protesters outside on the Capitol grounds moved inside to the public area of the building, one of three compounds where Senators have their Washington offices.

Smith pointed out that Amy Schumer, the first-cousin-once-removed of Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), was among those holding signs and yelling their opposition to Kavanaugh.

Smith said that during a commercial break, police began making "numerous" arrests in "an orderly fashion."

Twitter video from the scene showed Amy Schumer being ushered by a Capitol police officer.

The officer asked Schumer, "Do you want to be arrested?" and the comedian answered, "Yes."

It was not immediately clear whether Schumer indeed joined the several individuals arrested at the scene.

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Fox News Capitol Hill Producer Chad Pergram told Smith that a procedural vote on Kavanaugh's confirmation will be held around the late morning on Friday, setting up a weekend confirmation vote.

Pergram said that swing Democratic Sen. Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota announced she will vote against Kavanaugh.

On the Republican side, Sens. Jeff Flake of Arizona and Susan Collins of Maine are expected to vote 'yea', but are not confirmed in that regard.

Pergram said Republican Lisa Murkowski of Alaska has not yet decided which way she will vote.

If the final vote on Kavanaugh ends in a 50-50 tie in that way, Pergram said, Vice President Mike Pence is predicted to make history by becoming the first such officer to cast the deciding vote to confirm a Supreme Court justice.

As the sitting vice president, Pence is officially the president of the Senate.

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