On "Fox & Friends" Thursday morning, Judge Jeanine Pirro joined said Democrats have overplayed their hand in the Judge Brett Kavanaugh confirmation controversy, and it's going to backfire on them.

She said Democrats have run with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's decades-old sexual assault allegation against Kavanaugh despite a lack of evidence and corroborating witnesses because they are committed to preventing President Trump's Supreme Court nominee from being confirmed.

"They're never gonna be happy. This is about their attempt to create a paradigm shift," Judge Jeanine said, arguing Democrats no longer care about burden of proof, presumption of innocence or proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

"None of this stuff matters to them."

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She said she believes that Ford was a credible witness when she testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee and that Ford was indeed victimized at some point, but that doesn't mean that Kavanaugh did it.

"Once she made the claim that there were other people there and every one of those so-called witnesses -- alibi witnesses -- denied everything ... it's not a 'he said-she said' anymore," Judge Jeanine said.

Brian Kilmeade noted that the FBI's supplemental background check into Ford's allegation against Kavanaugh is complete and the report was delivered Thursday morning to the Senate Judiciary Committee, but Democrats have already complained that the FBI did not interview Ford or Kavanaugh for the report.

Judge Jeanine said that both already testified under oath on the matter, and there is nothing else to ask them.

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