Green Mountain College in Vermont is offering a two-week “pop up course” titled “Brett Kavanaugh: ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ in the #MeToo Era.”

The course -- which is worth half a credit and runs for two weeks -- examines the sexual assault allegations facing Kavanaugh, and compares them with claims leveled against other political figures, like former President Bill Clinton and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

"We will look at the landscape surrounding sexual assault and misconduct claims across these key moments in history and compare it to what we are seeing right now," the university announcement reads.

“Judge Thomas and President Clinton ascended to the highest positions of power. Brett Kavanaugh’s outcome is less certain.”

The course also looks at campus "hook-up culture" and whether it may encourage sexual assault.

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On "Fox & Friends First" Thursday, Campus Reform's Cabot Phillips said sexual assault is a serious issue that should be discussed on college campuses, but all too often it's politicized and turned into a "left vs. right" issue.

"If the university plays the way that other universities have around the country, it's going to be something where this entire course is about how Kavanaugh is guilty and evil, and if anyone dares to support him or even question the process, they are wrong," Phillips said.

He said it's important for students -- and people in general -- to understand that just because someone asks for evidence of the allegations against Kavanaugh or a debate on the facts, it does not mean they support sexual assault.

"It makes you a supporter of due process. That fact has been forgotten by a lot of people," Phillips said. "I would hope that the university offers a reasonable discussion, but again, if it's anything like what we've seen around the country, that won't be the case."

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