Greg Gutfeld said Wednesday on "The Five" that it may be time for the populace to start speaking up against "ideological excesses" foisted upon it by left-wing university policies.

Gutfeld said that a Massachusetts professor declared that the label "veteran" should also apply to "peace activists."

"I say the label 'professor' should be expanded to include messy droolers," he said.

Gutfeld said both that and a United Kingdom college's new policy banning clapping at events, both "broke out of the asylum gates of the local university."

"The seedpods from that garden of stupid are now blooming in the real world," he said.

Gutfeld said that people are too often "bullied into silence" against controversial issues for fear of offending someone.

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He called the phenomenon the "tyranny of grievance."

He compared it to a made-up situation wherein left-wing New York Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) boarded a subway car and began spouting off about his ideology.

Gutfeld said that in that case, most people would keep their head down and use their phones as a distraction.

"No one wants to assume a piece of the risk, so they hide," he said, adding that it may be time to speak up and express one's differences without fear.

"Ideological excess spreads when everyone looks the other way -- [on] campus, [in] Congress, or the media. Maybe for once, it's time -- let's share the risk. It might be the only defense we have left," he said.

Watch the monologue and the panel's discussion above.

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