Protesters at the University of Texas were caught on camera ripping apart signs made by supporters of Brett Kavanaugh during an on-campus clash.

The Daily Caller reported that the Young Conservatives of Texas at the University of Texas (YCTUT) were rallying on Tuesday in support of the Supreme Court nominee.

WARNING: Videos below contain graphic language.

The protest came amid the multiple sexual misconduct accusations against Kavanaugh, which have created tension on both sides of the political aisle across the country.

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Video from the YCTUT's Facebook page shows another contentious encounter, as a large crowd formed around Kavanaugh's supporters.

Saurabh Sharma, YCTUT's chairman, said that his group is sympathetic to accuser Christine Blasey Ford but believes in a just legal process.

"In order for justice to exist in this country, a culture of innocent until proven guilty is just as important as a legal process that holds that principle," he said.

Protesters shouted "We believe survivors!" and conversely held up expletive-laden signs of their own. 

Campus police also said that one student tried to rip off another student's "Make America Great Again" hat.

No police action was taken in response to the protests.

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