Tucker Carlson threw cold water on the latest supposed allegation against Judge Brett Kavanaugh -- that he threw an ice cube at a man "unprovoked" at a New Haven, Conn. bar on September 25, 1985.

Carlson riffed that the Founding Fathers saw this situation coming, so they prepared for it in the founding documents.

"Whoever shall throw ice in a tavern is disqualified from service on the federal judiciary," he said.

Carlson said the new scandal, which he dubbed "IceGate", is only the latest allegation against Kavanaugh.

He said that a man in Connecticut named Tad Low contacted the FBI to report that he was at a fraternity party where a hooker was hired to perform a show that Low found distasteful.

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Carlson said Low could not confirm Kavanaugh was at the party, but that he was likely also in the Constitution State at the same time.

"Totally, utterly disqualifying," Carlson said of the claim.

Carlson said that in another development, accuser Julie Swetnick -- the woman represented by Michael Avenatti -- may have changed details of her story slightly after testifying under oath to the government, analyzing a recent NBC interview with her.

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