Tucker Carlson said Monday it is evident that Democrats are "not looking for justice" for victimized women through their actions in the Kavanaugh nominating process.

"They're looking for a revolution," he said.

He said that in the case of Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison, the number-two at the Democratic National Committee, the in-house counsel for the state party all but dismissed the allegations of ex-girlfriend Karen Monahan.

"[Her] words don't mean anything. Unless she provides tangible proof, we don't believe her," Carlson said in characterizing the party's stance.

"This is the standard that Democratic Party politicians use to judge their own. 'Prove it, honey, otherwise shut up and go away.'"

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Carlson said another drastic criticism of Kavanaugh and his background is that the judge grew up as an entitled, rich, white person.

He pointed out how MSNBC pundit Donny Deutsch said that "as a man I was embarrassed for him."

Deutsch called Kavanaugh's fiery testimony the "ultimate display of white entitlement."

Carlson said all of the points made the case that Democrats are looking more to take power than anything else.

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