Minnesota U.S. Senate candidate Karin Housley spoke Tuesday to Sean Hannity about her request that the state attorney general further investigate allegations of domestic misconduct against Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.).

Ellison, of Minneapolis, is the number-two at the Democratic National Committee and is seeking the state attorney general's seat.

Housley said her opponent, Sen. Tina Smith -- who was named to fill Al Franken's term after he resigned -- continues to campaign with Ellison and refuses to join the call for an investigation. Ellison has denied the claims he beat his ex-girlfriend and yelled obscenities at her.

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On the other hand, Housley - a state senator and the husband of former NHL All-Star Phil Housley - noted that Smith called Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh "a serious threat to women's freedom."

"Yet Judge Brett Kavanaugh denied his allegations under oath," she said. "Democrats, when it's one of their own, it didn't happen."

"To use this for political power is disgusting," Housley said. "I had to call the attorney general to do an investigation [of Ellison]."

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