An American flag that remained standing despite being shredded by the vicious winds of Hurricane Florence was auctioned off for more than $10,000.

Mike Caruso, whose family placed the winning bid, said Tuesday on Fox & Friends that the flag represents his brother Kevin, who recently passed away.

The flag had been put up for auction on eBay to raise money for the American Red Cross's storm relief.

"That's our brother Kevin," Caruso said. "That's what he did. He never gave up, always persevered and always fought even in the midst of the strongest storm."

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The powerful image of the tattered flag was captured on the camera from the Frying Pan Tower, a local bed and breakfast that had once been a Coast Guard light station.

Coincidentally, many who watched live-streaming video of the flag named it "Kevin."

Frying Pan Tower owner Richard Neal added Tuesday that he wanted to put the flag to good use and help those still recovering from the storm.

"I knew that it would pull at the heartstrings like it did mine," he said.

Caruso said he plans on putting the flag on display and creating a plaque for it, and said it will honor those who fight for it daily.

"That's what the flag stands for: perseverance, freedom and courage."

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