Brit Hume reacted to new comments by Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake, a critical Republican vote on the Kavanaugh nomination, who expressed concern over the judge's "tone" while engaging with lawmakers last week.

"I was very troubled by the tone of the remarks," he said. "The initial defense that Judge Kavanaugh gave was something -- I told my wife -- I hope I would be that indignant if I felt I was unjustly maligned, but then it went on."

Hume said that despite the new circumspection from Flake, "I don't think he's moved at all" on his Friday pledge to vote to confirm Kavanaugh if the FBI investigation comes back without concerning developments.

"He committed to vote for this nomination," he said. "If he's troubled as he says... he might want to look at [Kavanaugh's] record for 12 years on the bench."

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Hume said Kavanaugh has no history of outbursts or indignant remarks from the federal bench in the District of Columbia, where he has served for several years.

Hume added that the allegations from Julie Swetnick -- a Kavanaugh accuser being represented by Michael Avenatti -- have "totally collapsed."

He called the Democrats' new criticism that Kavanaugh allegedly threw a handful of ice at someone at a bar in the 1980s "insignificant."

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky jokingly called the news story a "bombshell."

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