A liberal cartoonist is being criticized for making Brett Kavanaugh's youngest daughter the subject of a recent cartoon.

Chris Britt's cartoon depicts 10-year-old Liza Kavanaugh praying at her bedside, alluding to the remarks made by her father during last week's hearing.

The Supreme Court nominee fought back tears as he said that his daughter said she and her sister should pray for Christine Blasey Ford.

The cartoon also shows a speech bubble coming from the girl that reads "Dear God, please forgive my angry, lying, alcoholic father for sexually assaulting Dr. Ford."

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Kristin Tate, contributor to The Hill, said Tuesday on Fox & Friends First that Britt seemingly got away with his cartoon because the media won't hold the left accountable.

"The left has shown that there are just no boundaries for how far they will go in trying to destroy Kavanaugh," she said.

Britt's work also displayed the name of the Illinois Times newspaper, for which he is a contributor. The paper said in a statement that he is not an employee and that it has asked Britt to remove the name from the cartoon.

"This kind of extreme left-wing hate is becoming really normalized at this point," Tate said, noting how Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) was harassed at a restaurant like a number of other Republican officials.

She said that liberals continue to "stoop lower and lower" in order to get attention, and implored Republicans to try to put an end to it.

"If Republicans cave and do not confirm Brett Kavanaugh, it's only going to give a pass to this kind of behavior."

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