In his monologue on "The Five" Monday, Greg Gutfeld said actor Matt Damon apparently had "amnesia" regarding his decision to portray Judge Brett Kavanaugh's indignation in a mocking way.

Damon appeared on NBC's "Saturday Night Live" as the judge, seated before the Senate Judiciary Committee, accentuating the real judge's anger and defiance of the charges brought against him by Professor Christine Blasey Ford.

"Instead of facing a mob, you just grab a pitchfork, like Matt Damon did," Gutfeld said, contrasting the Jason Bourne actor's actions with that of musical guest Kanye West, who donned a "MAGA" hat and spoke at length about the criticism Trump supporters get -- while on stage at liberal "SNL."

To Damon, Gutfeld said that Kavanaugh's real "anger is worthy of mockery even if [Kavanaugh] believes he's been unjustly accused." 

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"Would Damon behave differently if he were the accused?" Gutfeld asked, introducing a clip of Damon saying in 2017 he would "be scorched-earth" in defense of himself in a similar situation.

"If you make [a #MeToo] claim today to me, I'd be scorched-earth. I [wouldn't] care if this cost me $10 million dollars... you're not taking my name from me," Damon said in the interview.

"Damon happily scorched Kavanaugh instead," Gutfeld said. "Matt should ask his friends... Hey Ben, were you ever accused of something and it was unjust?"

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